About Optulink

Optulink optimizes mobile network quality automatically. Real-time voice optimization improves your users’ experience.

Optulink, Inc., is a leading global provider of software-based network optimization solutions that help mobile operators realize more effective network capacity and RF performance by applying real-time automatic configuration through complex algorithms derived from IP flow and RAN information sources.

Our non-intrusive software deploys unique RF shaping and feedback control mechanisms. We continuously optimize RF configurations to increase cell site and operational efficiency, lower cell site congestion, reduce voice call drops/blocks and improve the quality of experience for mobile users.

Optulink’s software effectively addresses many of the key mobile network architectures — including 3G, 4G and HetNets for all major RAN infrastructure equipment vendors’ technology.

Here’s the upside for mobile operators:

  • Make users happy with better mobile voice quality.
  • Reduce customer churn as much as 30%.
  • Eliminate engineering busywork and save operating expenses.
  • Improve overall mobile network performance.

That adds up to a better user experience, higher customer satisfaction and less customer churn.

Leadership – A start-up founded in 2013, Optulink brings together CEO Bruce Peterson and COO Brian McConnell. Both bring decades of experience in telecom networks.

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