Mobile Network Optimization

With real-time mobile network optimization, improve data and voice coverage fast.
With real-time mobile network optimization, improve data and voice coverage fast.

How can you squeeze more performance out of existing mobile networks to keep users happy? Real-time, network-aware optimization enables you to:

  • Tap underutilized network resources to deliver more mobile voice capacity in real time.
  • Get a real-time view of network performance.
  • Automatically reduce dropped and blocked calls.
  • Improve the user experience to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Cut customer churn, 30% of which stems from mobile quality and coverage issues.
  • Reduce engineering busywork on mobile network optimization by automating tasks.
  • Avoid major capital outlays by squeezing more capacity out of 3G networks.
  • Eliminate the bumpy transition to 4G VoLTE services.

Optulink offers mobile voice optimization to address your users’ quality of experience.

Mobile voice optimization changes the game, improving customer satisfaction and financial performance.

With real-time traffic awareness, Optulink automatically taps underutilized resources in existing mobile networks to improve call coverage and quality. That delivers key benefits to operators and users:

  • By unlocking unused capacity in adjacent cells, Optulink reduces dropped and blocked calls by as much as 27%.
  • A single, non-intrusive platform improves voice quality across your portfolio of 3G and 4G VoLTE voice services, delivering better, more consistent user experiences.
  • Automation of network optimization cuts down on engineering busywork, freeing up resources for more strategic needs.
  • Voice optimization eliminates the problems of a bumpy transition to VoLTE.

A single platform handles all 3G, 4G (including VoLTE) and small cell optimization in HetNet deployments. You gain a big increase in network performance at a modest cost.

Real-time mobile voice optimization works much faster than conventional methods to improve the user experience. Rather than having to wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes or longer for conventional solutions to kick in, Optulink’s solutions improve voice quality in just minutes.