Real-Time Mobile Voice Optimization

Improve mobile voice quality with real-time optimization
Improve mobile voice quality with real-time optimization

Consumers expect a lot from their mobile voice service. In fact, 41% expect excellent quality and are willing to pay for it.

Dropped and blocked calls present a tremendous risk to mobile operators. They’re a major dissatisfier for users.

Naturally, users are disappointed when their mobile voice service does not live up to their expectations. Most mobile users experience dropped and blocked calls regularly. About 1 out of 3 reports a bad experience weekly or even more frequently, says the Pew Internet Research Project.

Customers who are dissatisfied with mobile voice service run a much higher risk of churn. About 30% of customer churn stems directly from mobile voice quality and coverage problems.

Mobile operators face the risk of declining voice revenues, particularly in Europe. Voice revenues are falling 4% or more a year, says Analysys Mason. Since voice is particularly profitable, lost voice revenues have a pronounced negative impact on the bottom line.

Lower voice revenues do not necessarily mean that users are talking less. Instead, many users are turning to over the top (OTT) services such as Skype and WhatsApp for voice calls.

Now, Optulink offers you a new way to improve the user experience on mobile voice calls. Optulink’s real-time mobile voice optimization changes the game, improving customer satisfaction and financial performance.

With real-time network awareness, Optulink automatically taps underutilized resources in existing mobile networks to improve call coverage and quality. That delivers real benefits to operators and users:

  • A single, non-intrusive platform improves voice quality across your portfolio of 3G and 4G VoLTE voice services, delivering better, more consistent user experiences.
  • Automation of network optimization cuts down on engineering busywork, freeing up resources for more strategic needs.
  • Voice optimization eliminates the risk of customer churn during the bumpy transition to VoLTE.

Optulink’s real-time mobile voice optimization works much faster than conventional methods to improve the user experience. Rather than waiting 15 minutes, 30 minutes or longer for optimization to kick in, Optulink’s solution improves call quality and coverage in minutes.

Better mobile voice service offers a big upside to users and operators. High-quality voice service is a key driver of customer loyalty. When call drops and blocks go down, call durations increase by as much as 25%, a Skype study showed.  

Better voice service encourages users to make longer and more frequent mobile calls. What’s more, it holds the potential to get more users to cut the cord on their landlines, both in businesses and at home, growing the mobile share of voice traffic.

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